Tropical Plant Names & Cocktails

I have to be honest with you, researching the names of tropical plants can be very entertaining because some of them are named after tropical bar drinks! Of course, each plant has its Latin scientific name but that's NOT entertaining. I won't remember all of the Latin names to all of the flowers and plants I photograph. But, I MOST definitely will remember the names of the plants in this photograph because I usually either eat the fruit or drink the tropical drink they are named after! To end the suspense, the big leafed turquoise green plant with the purple-red stalk is referred to as an Ornamental Banana! I eat bananas. The lower situated variegated bright green plant is referred to as a Mojito Elephant Ear. Considering my favorite warm-weather drink is a Mojito I will never forget the name of this plant! And who thought plant identifying was boring! Cheers!


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