Sea of Cranberries

Timing is everything when trying to find a flooded cranberry bog!  

I waited for a few days for the rainy weather to clear out so I could jump into my car on a crisp clear blue sky Fall day to see if I could find a local flooded cranberry bog to shoot. Within 15 minutes en route, one of the biggest cranberry growers in Carver, MA were harvesting a flooded bog. They were about 50 percent finished with harvesting the cranberries which provided me with unexpected photo ops! Having open water, swirls of pink and red cranberries floating on the surface of the flooded bog, cranberries and bog harvest debris such as leaves, grass, flowers, and twigs to shoot was way more than what I expected to shoot. The unexpected is what I love about heading out into nature. I'm never disappointed because there is beauty in every natural situation. 

What I love about this shot is how I shot the different colored cranberries floating on the surface from an eye-level perspective, giving the cranberries an almost candy white, pink and red M&M's. While you are here, check out my other cranberry harvest shots! 


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