Finding My Photography Roots

Finding my photography roots, the passions I thought I left behind in Singapore resurfaced at my future daughter-in-law's family reunion this past month.

Here I am meeting this wonderful family for the first time and what am I doing? I'm documenting its oldest member Grandpa John with my camera.

I became very aware and passionate about capturing the very essence of an older generation while living abroad. Looking at older people of another culture, it became obvious to me that the style of clothing, jewelry, hairstyle, and accessories would no longer exist when they are gone.

Grandpa John is 92 years old. What greater gift of thanks can I give this family for welcoming me into the fold? I can give them a beautiful candid photo of their Dad and Grandpa because it truly was taken with passion.

Honoring what made me fall in love with being a professional photographer reminded me of how important it is to be passionate about something and act on it!

Life is short. Be passionate and pay it forward to others!
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John G.John G.This candid portrait of 92-year-old Grandpa John is a reminder of what photo journalism is all about!


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