Magnolia Blooms

In my book, looking at a Magnolia Tree in full bloom is a religious experience! Not every year yields plentiful pink and white, with a tinge of purple-colored Duxbury MagnoliaDuxbury Magnolia magnolia blooms. These trees are sensitive to climate. Some years are better than others. In my opinion, the most dramatic Magnolia Trees to look at when they are in full bloom are the older ones. Their graceful blooms last for about a couple of weeks and then start to drop. The window of time to photograph Magnolia Trees at their peak is limited and especially in New England where Mother Nature can turn on a dime with some nasty cold, windy and rainy weather. Driving around last week on the South Shore, I knew my time limit was nearly up if I wanted to capture the beauty of Magnolia Tree blossoms. I lucked out. Set in the front yard of the Winsor House Inn on Washington Street in Duxbury, MA is a gigantic old Magnolia Tree! It was in its last moment of glory when I snapped away taking images of its magnificent blossoms. I felt so lucky, excited, and content as I was capturing its beauty. The feeling of contentment came from years and years of always wanting to see a Magnolia Tree heavily laden with flower blossoms and photograph it but not being able to. Here on the South Shore, the climate is just temperate enough for these flowering trees to thrive and I feel so lucky to have finally been able to photograph one of my favorite trees in full bloom! And as the saying goes, good things come to those that wait!


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