Best Donuts Evah

It's not like I'm in search of the perfect donut but...I just happened to have stumbled upon the most orgasmic donut experience of my life yesterday while driving around (in safe Coronavirus isolation) Middletown, Rhode Island on a gray skied windy day. I got the hot tip about Ma's Donuts and More from a friend who lives in Rhode Island. It was the perfect pit stop on my way to Newport to do a photography reconnaissance. Only allowing one patron inside the shop at a time (wearing a face mask), I had the whole place to myself. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever had an entire donut shop that makes handmade yeast and cake donuts in every classic variety all to yourself, to choose without being influenced by friends or family as to which one to buy? Yeah, I didn't think so! Well, I picked these amazing classics to share (again according to CDC guidelines) and let me tell you they are the perfect donuts. The yeast donuts were fluffy yet just chewy enough. The cake donuts had that perfect density with just the right amount of inside moisture and outside crunch. The jelly-filled donuts were filled with dense berry jelly that didn't run and goo out all over your hands. I'm currently in a donut coma! And, since I'm having to be socially isolated, restaurant deprived, indulging in the very best donuts once during this incredibly difficult time is totally okay! 

P.S. Ma's Donuts and More has a drive-thru too!


Mr. Fordham(non-registered)
sounds like a sinfully indulgent way to spend a virus isolation day!
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